PRIIM@ is an online training platform designed to help candidates for the professional exam of the Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec to consolidate their prior learning and reinforce the competencies acquired during their program of studies in nursing care and the nursing sciences.

Developed by the Cégep de Chicoutimi, the Cégep de Jonquière and the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, PRIIM@ offers candidates an additional means for preparing for the professional exam.

PRIIM@ has a theory component that enables candidates to review the knowledge learned while in training, as well as a practical component comprised of serious gaming through which candidates can test their skills in the five main fields of clinical nursing:

  • – Medicine
  • – Surgery
  • – Maternal and Newborn health
  • – Gerontology and Geriatrics
  • – Mental health and Psychiatry

Wherever you are and whatever your pace of learning, PRIIM@ enables you to:

  • – Review your theoretical knowledge and practical skills
  • – Identify your weak areas
  • – Test your skills


PRIIM@ offers a learning path combining clinical role-plays, training and studying, using state-of-the-art technologies. It includes:

  • – Checklists
  • – Quizzes
  • – Integration diagrams
  • – Suggested readings
  • – Calculations
  • – Glossaries of terms


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  • A few months ago, I used your PRIIM@ program to prepare for the OIIQ exam. Like many other people, I left the exam room a bit apprehensive about not passing. But yesterday, I got my results. I passed! If I ever get the chance to do so, I will tell others to use your program because I loved it and it helped me for sure…

  • The serious gaming is really interesting. It’s a very original way to test what we know.

  • With the suggested reading and the theory and practical exercises, PRIIM@ helped me see if I had gaps in my knowledge and know where they are.

  • It’s not just reading on my own. Someone reads to me too, so it’s easier to stay focused and listen. It’s like having a prof at home all summer explaining things and asking questions. The games are fun and varied. It’s a good concept for integrating the material. Providing explanations of the right and wrong answers is ideal for understanding better.

  • I liked that there are lots of questions and exercises to do. That’s when I learned the most about answering questions and developing my clinical reasoning. Also, the fact the program is online and available 24/7 let me study at any time, unlike the study groups that required me to travel and where my progress depended on that of others.

  • The visual elements were very attractive, colourful and interactive, which was important for me. Plus, the auditory elements helped me concentrate.

  • The experience was very enriching and relevant. It was a very reassuring exercise in terms of clinical skills and judgments.

  • Very interesting to use. The information is relevant, enriching; it helped me reinforce what I had learned earlier and do a very nice review.

  • I think it’s a fun way to learn and firmly ingrain our knowledge.

  • It taught me goals that I can put into practice. It’s a very good review.

  • Varied, fun, lively and interactive learning methods!

  • I like the fact that, for the theory part, the wrong answers are explained, even if I got the right answer. That helps me to better assimilate the information.

  • It’s well done, very colourful, well documented and well explained.

  • I liked that I could go at my own pace and I always had the impression that the clinical situations were real.

  • I really liked the serious gaming. It’s an interesting way to test what we know.

  • The modules for the theory part are very user-friendly and very well structured.

  • Not only did it help me to review, it helped me learn something new.

  • With the suggested reading and the theory and practical exercises, PRIIM@ helped me see if I had gaps in my knowledge and know where they are.

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